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People ask us what we do: We are working to replace the commercial way of setting up for events, building houses, offering basics to the community. We create mobile housing solutions, bars, lounges, and other concepts to benefit society. We work towards a high-quality finish and move away from the basic low-class finishes at a competitive price.

For more information on a concept, idea or a solution you would like to invest in: contact us here

How Much?

Whether you’re purchasing or leasing, WolfPack keeps costs low, thanks to these advantages;

  • Design, construction, branding all done in-house, by our own teams
  • Storage, cleaning and maintenance on our own premises
  • Our own transport
  • Our own safety officers

Make a big impression at any event with a WolfPack Container

Take in some design inspiration. Got ideas? Share them with us – our in-house architects will make your brand activation the centre of attraction.

Ask about the possibilities of container conversions for impactful branding.

Buy a WolfPack container – Own the Market

A WolfPack converted container becomes a valuable marketing asset that can penetrate any market – wherever and whenever you need to have a powerful presence.

For marketers with multiple brands, the flexibility of a WolfPack customised container really comes to the fore. Branding can be swapped in minutes. Simply replace the removable panels with Brand B’s branding one day, brand A’s branding the next.

The real beauty? You can amortise the cost of ownership across various brands.

Ask about buying a full customised container.


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