Mobile Bar launch

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Amid the backdrop of the beautiful 12 Apostles Mountain Range, WolfPack Rentals hosted our first photo shoot to show the public our latest offering.

Once we off-loaded the unit (shipped onto the scene as a shipping container), we launched the WolfPack app on our smartphone and started the unfolding process. With the soft hum of hydraulics, a truly magical scene unfolded. The sides came down, showing high quality wood grained flooring. Stairs popped out and guard rails raised on the second level. Within a few short moments the seemingly normal shipping container had transformed into a Mobile Bar – without anyone even raising a sweat!

Showing off the latest addition to our family, our Mobile Bar unit stood out and drew spectators throughout the day. Curious onlookers stopped by, scenic drivers and cyclists parked off – all drawn in by the sexy, flashy and sophisticated design. Our Mobile Bar unit clearly brought something not seen before on the scenic Victoria Drive.

With two levels of branding excellence, get ready to tower above your competitors. With your branding visible above the masses that will be crowded around your Mobile Bar, you can engage your consumers with confidence.

Have a look at our portfolio for inspiration on your next big brand event!

WolPack Rentals. Get your Brand out there. Big.

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