Mobile Automated Beverage Dispensing!

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WolfPack & Minx Events new offering!

Partnering with Minx Events and DrinkServe, we bring mobile bar servicing to the next level.

Highly portable, automated and sophisticated – the units are sure to draw the crowds in. Quicker to setup and requiring much less resources to maintain – thanks to several dozen cubic meters of space within the unit which holds numerous kegs and barrels at a time. Thirsty revelers use their linked card (verified by ID if consuming alcoholic beverages) and the drink price is deducted from their funded balance. No longer do you need change, give tips or carrying money around for drinks!

Whats more, the linked app allows you to monitor consumption live – both for insight into consumer habits and also as a form of stock management, the data opportunities are endless. You could be anywhere, check on the units and launch promotions at any time; “Free shot of tequila for any Minx card holders who are having a birthday!”

Our new unit was featured at MUDL Live 2015 this weekend – have a look through the pictures here to view the unit close up.

Already lined up are Decorex SA and Synergy Live 2015! Be sure to come by and try out the unit! The units dispense any beverage in measured quantities through a easy to use user-interface and linked drinks card. Load up credit on your Minx card and purchase your drinks without cash and without having to try and catch the barman’s attention!

Our Mobile Bar unit will be there as well – watch here or on our social channels for more information!

MUDL 2015

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