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Shipping Containers, long the driver of the world economy, are moving onto shore

The sole proprietor

For decades our worlds oceans have been filled with the backbone of our economies, large container ships carrying thousands of shipping containers – filled with exported goods and commodities. These shipping containers may have their origins as the driver of modular shipping methods, but their impact on land is having a impact to rival that of its original purpose.

Take the humble Spaza Shop, a common feature on the rustic roads of Africa; an entrepreneur staking his claim. The benefits to this sole proprietor are numerous:

  • More cost effective than a traditional brick and mortar shop;
  • Instant setup – the container is placed and the owner can operate straight away;
  • Steel structure for improved weather resistance;
  • Steel structure for increased security and theft prevention, lock and go;
  • Easy to move or relocate as a shipping container;
  • Fire-resistant and water-proof;

Box Park Shopping Centers

In the leafy suburbs of Melville sits a lush shopping center, 27Boxes. Built around a park and featuring a design which combines recycled shipping containers, plants and lawns with brick and concrete elements for a remarkable and unique feel.

A first of its kind in South Africa, 27Boxes was inspired by the hugely successful BoxPark in London and The George Pompidou Center in Paris. The center offers an indoor/outdoor lifestyle and retail experience, an exciting mix of permanent and pop-up stores and a engaging platform to showcase designers, artists and craftsmen.

At 14 m2 of commercial space, each of the 78 shops at 27 Boxes is just the right size yet small enough to avoid excessive costs. With this in mind, renting the units are perfectly suited for entrepreneurs or artist – ranging between R1 600 and R2 000 a month (which is several times lower than you would except at a large shopping center).

Relatively smaller spaces at highly competitive price, thanks to minimal upfront investment for the center managers, providing an economically efficient platform for a range of businesses to make their mark. Artisans, Artists, Entrepreneurs and Small-to-medium Enterprises (SME’s) are given the right mix of commercial space versus cost, supporting growing economies like South Africa.

Contact WolfPack Rentals

WolfPack Rentals is renown for our ability to effectively and efficiently apply recycled and re-purposed shipping containers for a variety of applications across both retail and hospitality sectors.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you realise your start-up business or modular retail/hospitality needs.

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